Cómo comer en invierno, primavera, verano, otoño y fuera de temporada

In our latitudes, every season is rich in certain foods, and some are available year-round. How to build proper nutrition, depending on the time of year?


In ancient times, people noticed that in different months of the year in our body, the most active one or the other system requires a specific diet. Nature is incredibly wise and allows us to adapt to the weather conditions and changes in which we live.

The year is divided into 4 seasons and off-season – winter, spring, summer, autumn, and small gaps of weather adjustment.


In the spring, the most active work hígado and gallbladder. The characteristic taste for this season – sour.

Summer is a time of heart and small intestine, and the dominant taste is bitter.

In Autumn, actively work lungs and colon – the body requires something spicy.

Winter the season of hard buds, the taste of winter – salty.

In the offseason, particularly affecting the gastrointestinal tract, it is important to use the sweet.


At the same time, spring harms the body. The sharp taste; in the summer – salty, in the autumn – bitter in the winter – sweet, and in the offseason, it is best to avoid acidic.

What foods and dishes to cook within the seasons?

Venta: fish, greens, cabbage, seeds, Thistle, nuts, zanahorias, celery, beets, Turquía, liver. Not milk, cebolla, Ajo, sauces, sprouts of wheat.

Verano: cordero, pollo, rábano picante, mustard, onion, rábano, pepino, radish, cabbage, tomatoes, beets, calabacín, calabazas, patatas, seasonal berries. Delete the beans and carne de cerdo.


Otoño: poultry, carne de res, rice, fruits. Banned lamb, pastries, nuts and seeds.

Invierno: soy sauce, pork, fat, kidney, trigo sarraceno, legumes, potatoes, juices. Not beef, sweets, and milk.

The transition of winter into spring drink salty-sweet foods, pickled vegetables. And between spring and summer – sweet-and-sour and sweet-bitter foods.


In any off-season go honey, fruits, dried fruits, beef, lamb, cheese, fruit, fish, seafood. Avoid lemons, yogurt, poultry.

In every season, without limitation eat fruits and vegetables that grow at this time of the year. They contain high vitamins and minerals and not poisoned by nitrates and chemicals.

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